• fully refurbish automated CDSEM for multiple wafer size and thickness.
  • install, support, modification for specific needs and/or reliability improvement
  • On site and off site Schottky Field Emission Gun ( refurbishment
  • Application and hardware development for specific requirements.

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KLA8100 Parts Parts Description
KLA-Tencor PN 0132109-000 Kit, Replacement, 2-Flex Z-Stage, 8100XPR
KLA-Tencor PN 210-00709-000 Filter Air, Machine type 8100XP
KLA-Tencor PN 210-08898-000 High Vacuum Valve, Load Lock, 8300
KLA-Tencor PN 500-01429-000 PCB, Keithley REM-64 Communications
KLA-Tencor PN 500-01430-000 PCB, Keithley MAO-8 D/A Converter
KLA-Tencor PN 500-01431-000 PCB, Keithley MAI-16 A/D Converter
KLA-Tencor PN 500-01432-000 PCB, Keithley MII-32 Digital Input
KLA-Tencor PN 720-01920-002 Assy, Arm Lifter, 8xxx
KLA-Tencor PN 720-02840-003 Assy, Rotate, Transfer Arm
KLA-Tencor PN 720-02841-500 Assy, Motor, X
KLA-Tencor PN 720-02842-500 Assy, Motor, Y
KLA-Tencor PN 720-02847-000 Assy, Chassis, MCA Module, 8100
KLA-Tencor PN 720-02851-000 Assy, DC Distribution Chasis
KLA-Tencor PN 720-07292-001 Assy, Arm Lifter, 8100XP
KLA-Tencor PN 720-07335-000 Advantech IPC-6706/6751, Chassis, ISABUS II
KLA-Tencor PN 720-07357-000 Assy. Loadlock, 8300
KLA-Tencor PN 720-07515-001 Assy, Lower Quadruple
KLA-Tencor PN 720-07707-001 Assy, Docking Chamber
KLA-Tencor PN 720-08276-002 Assy, Loadlock, 8100E
KLA-Tencor PN 720-08906-000 Assy Stage X-Y 8300
KLA-Tencor PN 720-09339-000 Assy Elevator, Centered for 8300
KLA-Tencor PN 720-09354-001 IA USE 16709 Assy, Loadlock, 8100 XPR/XPT
KLA-Tencor PN 720-09841-001 Assy, Wehnelt/Condenser Power Supply
KLA-Tencor PN 720-10288-001 Assy Elevator Round with Pads
KLA-Tencor PN 720-12663-000 Assy, Drive, X-Axis
KLA-Tencor PN 720-12799-000 Assy, Turbo Pump Isolator
KLA-Tencor PN 720-16771-000 Assy, Drive, X-Axis
KLA-Tencor PN 720-16934-000 Assy, 8300 Turbo Pump Isolator FRU
KLA-Tencor PN 720-16989-000 Assy, Handle, Reticle Pick
KLA-Tencor PN 720-17045-000 Assy, RETICLE Carrier 6", 8100XPR, Ceq. Compatible
KLA-Tencor PN 720-17080-000 Assy. Reticle Carrier Base 5"
KLA-Tencor PN 720-17255-000 Assy, End Effector, 8100XP
KLA-Tencor PN 720-17458-000 Assy, Kinematic Chuck, Adjustable