ATE Board Design

  • Well Experienced in the latest EDA tools
  • More than 10 Years of board design experience
  • More than 1000 ATE board design knowledge
  • Dedicated library development and quality control team
  • HDI designs
  • Blind and buried via technology
  • Controlled impedance
  • Designs designing to the latest standards for DFM, DFT and ICT
  • Close coupling of differential pair with edge coupling and broad side coupling
  • Fine pitch and high pin count component
  • Propagation delay matched designs

Test Boards

  • Teradyne
  • Verigy
  • Eagle
  • VLCT
  • Credence
  • Advantest
  • Nextest

Probe Pins / Socket

We supply various spring contact probes. Spring contacts have many design and performance advantages that are just not available with other contact options. Spring contact probes are proven to deliver consistent, reliable connections over multiple mating cycles. For overall reliability, long life and service ability, spring loaded contact probe with barrel are the three primary factors that determine pointing accuracy.

Now the advantages of spring contact probe have been discovered in other industries. Today spring contact probe are commonly used for testing chip, interfacing between test systems and DUT boards, simulating connectors for testing, and are finding more and more use in military, automotive and communication applications as highly dependable product connectors and battery contacts.

Test Sockets

We offer pick and place or gravity feed Test Sockets utilizing  spring probes or elastomers to test unique devices. Precision contacts are always working to satisfy the industries demand for new socket designs.

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